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Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack Kit

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 Product Description

Make your own Cuben Fiber Stuff Sacks!  This kit is a great way to begin working with Cuben Fiber.  If you've been thinking about trying your hand at making a Cuben tarp, test the waters with this stuff sack kit.

Included Materials:

This kit contains the materials to outfit yourself with several flat sacks.

  • 21" x 54", 0.8 oz Cuben Fiber
  • Sheet of 10 Rectangular Cuben Stickers
  • Sheet of 10 Circular Cuben Stickers
  • 28', Transfer tape; transparent
  • 14', Dacron Cord
  • 7 Cordlocks

What you can make:

Use YAMA's standard sack sizes or come up with your own.

The recommended options below are provided to give you an idea of
how many stuff sacks you might be able to make from this kit.
(The instructions contain the layouts required for each option.)

Option 1    Option 2  Option 3
Size Qty. Oty. Qty.
Mini 5" x 6" 2 3 1
Small 6" x 8" 1 2 2

8" x 10"

2 1 2
Large 10" x 14" 1 1 1
6 7 6 Total


Stuff sack orders typically ship within one business day.
If you order sacks with another item such as a shelter, we'll wait to ship until your complete order is ready.

 Warranty Information

No warranty on this item.

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