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“You can take a nap in Swiftline, be protected from mosquitoes and still take in the beautiful surroundings earth has to offer.” ~Daniel G.
Total weight: 34.8 oz | 987 g

This is a 2nds quality 2P Swiftline for the following reasons: 1)The "pole catches" in the floor were initially installed in the wrong locations and have been fixed and patched (2 locations), 2)There are snags in the netting. The netting used was a 0.5oz no-see-um which is more snag prone than our typical .65oz, 3)There is an extra tie-out on the edge of one side, 4)One of the seams is a little twisted. Please see the photos of these items. The shelter is marked as seconds, and though unused, was pitched outdoors for display. Note that the seams have been sealed (included in price) and the guylines are non-reflective. Actual packaged weight is 34.4 oz. No returns on this item. Standard product description and specs follow.

The Swiftline

Some mornings are better spent indoors. Especially in the Swiftline! Hit the snooze button, organize your packs, or play a game of pinochle while waiting out the storm in the comforts of this lightweight tent.

In nice weather, the Swiftline’s hybrid, one-piece design lets you to easily roll up the fly for views. Two unobstructed doors and an out-of-the-way vestibule allow you to come and go without interrupting your tent mate’s beauty sleep.

  • Multiple pitching options ideal for rain or shine.
  • Two side entrances free of obstacles.
  • Big vestibule stores gear away from the doors.
  • Ample clearance keeps tent out of your face and off your bag.
  • Zipper props allow venting near peaks.
  • Hybrid design keeps condensation at bay.
  • Catenary architecture promotes taut, wind-shedding pitches.
  • 2 Interior stash pockets and 1 hang loop for odds and ends.
  • Clothesline along ridge to air out those stinky socks.
  • Made by hikers for hikers!
  • FREE domestic shipping

Pitching Information

  • Pitching Instructions
  • Before using, seams should be sealed as per these instructions. Or use our sealing service.
  • Pitches using your adjustable trekking poles and 8 stakes (not included). Recommended trekking pole lengths are 51".


  • Please note that the photos show an earlier generation of the Swiftline. The new version features an overall deeper tub (without the white strip shown in some of the photos) a smaller, secondary vestibule space (and additional tie-out) at the secondary entrance. You can see some pictures of the current tub here: pic 1 pic 2

Dimensioned Images

Click the images below to see overall dimensions.


(Please note that the top view is slightly outdated and does not depict an additional tie-out and small vestibule space near the secondary entrance. Thanks for your patience until we're able to get this updated.)

Lead Time

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Fly: 20D SilPoly
Silicone coated, 1.1 oz/yd2 before coating
2500+mm HH
Floor: 20D SilPoly
Silicone coated, 1.1 oz/yd2 before coating
2500+mm HH
Netting: 0.65 oz No-see-um; black
Packed Size: 12" x 8" x 7" (30 cm x 20 cm x 18 cm)
Interior height: About 50" (127 cm) at apexes and
47" (119 cm) at center of ridge
Floor width: 51" (130 cm) at the head
42" (107 cm) at the foot
Floor Length: 84" - 90" (213 - 229 cm)
Floor Area: 28 ft2 (2.6 m2)
Height of tub-floor: ~10"
Vestibule areas: Roughly 15 ft2 & 9 ft2
(1.4 m2 & 0.8 m2)
Itemized weight
Shelter: 32.4 oz (919 g)
Guylines: 1.2 oz (34 g)
Shock cord & clips: 0.3 oz (9 g)
LineLoc Tensioners: 0.3 oz (9 g)
Stuff sack: 0.6 oz (17 g)
Total: 34.8 oz (987 g)
Actual weights may vary slightly due to fluctuations in coatings.