Bargain Bin - Schmedium! Stuff Sack - 35% Off

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Schmedium Dyneema Sack

5" x 8"

These "bargain bin" stuff sacks are discounted for a variety of reasons. All are new and in good to perfect functional condition. Some may have minor misalignments, minor fabric blemishes, fabric mismatches (.5 and .8 oz Dyneema), be off-size, lack the bottom webbing strap, and so on. Colors are assorted and may include, white, obsidian, sage, and green. Sorry, we can't take requests for colors nor accept returns. This is a grab bag - when you order, we'll just grab one at random.

Here is the description and specs for the stock stuff sack:

The Sack

It's that perfect awkward size! Thanks to its square bottom, this sack has an overall cylindrical shape for maximum efficiency in keeping your gear organized.

  • Webbing pull on bottom of sacks for convenience
  • Overall cylindrical shape maximizes volume
  • Made of waterproof 0.8 oz Dyneema (cuben fiber) for ultralight protection
  • Mini barrel cord locks for strength and durability
  • Slick drawcord minimizes wear and tear
  • Made in the USA, by hikers for hikers.
  • Note: Not submersible

Lead Time

Stuff sacks typically ship out the next business day, however, if you order with another item such as a shelter, we'll wait to ship until your complete order is ready.


5" x 8" (13 cm x 20 cm)
(diameter x height)


0.20 oz (5.8 g)