Penguin Sack

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Penguin Stuff Sack - Schmedium

5" x 8" | 0.20 oz

The Penguin

This is our Schmedium Dyneema Stuff Sack transformed into an adorable penguin. With this little buddy by your side, every day is a happy day! :)

  • It's a penguin
  • Webbing pull on bottom of sacks for convenience
  • Overall cylindrical shape maximizes volume
    (bottom of sack is square)
  • Waterproof 0.8 oz Dyneema for ultralight protection
  • Mini barrel cord locks for strength and durability
  • Slick drawcord minimizes wear and tear
  • Made in the USA, by hikers for hikers.
  • Note: Not submersible

The stitching at the penguin's little feet and beak are taped on the backside so you don't need to worry about water wicking through. The black is our Obsidian Dyneema that has been bonded to the sack.

Lead Time

Your penguin will typically waddle out of the workshop within one week of your purchase. If you order with another item such as a shelter, we'll wait to ship until your complete order is ready.


5" x 8" (13 cm x 20 cm)
(diameter x height)


0.20 oz (5.8 g)