YAMA recommends do-it-yourselfers use the top stitched french seam for ridgelines and seams between different panels of a tarp. NOTE: YAMA does not use this process in production. Instead, industrial double needle machines are used to construct seams in a more efficient manner.

Watch a video of the seam construction process: http://youtu.be/LN5aOHmCrDM


How to sew it:


Step 1

With right sides together, sew a basting stitch about 1/4” off the edge of the fabric.


Step 2

Turn the fabric so the wrong sides are together and so the fold lies along your basting stitch, then stitch about 1/4” off the fold.


Step 3

Spread the fabric so the right sides are facing up.  Then fold over the flap and stitch close to the edge to complete the seam.