Stuff Sack Assortment

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Assortment of six ultralight stuff sacks.

Buy all six sizes and save!

The Sacks

This assortment comes with one sack of each size: Mini, Small, Schmedium, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Thanks to their square bottoms, these sacks have an overall cylindrical shape and are a great way to shed a few ounces from your pack.

We make these sacks from waterproof 0.8 osy Dyneema (cuben fiber). The slick drawcord reduces abrasion in the drawcord channel, ensuring a long life of smooth operation. Webbing on the bottom gives you a grip on the bag. All seams are taped for strength and waterproofing (sacks should not be submersed).

  • Webbing pull on bottom of sacks for convenience
  • Overall cylindrical shape maximizes volume
  • Mini barrel cord locks for strength and durability
  • Slick, Spectra drawcord minimizes wear and tear
  • Made of waterproof Dyneema Composite Fabric for ultralight protection
  • Reinforced drawcord channel openings on Large and X-Large
  • Free Domestic Shipping!
  • Made in the USA, right here in our Blue Ridge Workshop

What you might be able to fit in each sack:

  • The Mini is perfect for stashing small, loose items like toiletries, a headlamp, pocket knife, etc.
  • The Small is a great size for a light hat and gloves, or some snacks.
  • The Schmedium is that perfect awkward size!
  • The Medium size will fit many ultralight tarps, and puffy jackets.
  • The Large is a good size for many ultralight shelters, lightweight summer sleeping bags, or clothes.
  • The X-Large will fit many lightweight sleeping bags and lightweight tents.

Lead Time

See our Lead Time page to see how long it will take to receive your sacks.


Diameter x Height
X-Large: 9" x 16" (23 cm x 41 cm)
Large: 8" x 12" (20 cm x 30 cm)
Medium: 6.5" x 10" (17 cm x 25 cm)
Schmedium: 5" x 8" (13 cm x 20 cm)
Small: 4" x 6" (10 cm x 15 cm)
Mini: 3" x 4" (8 cm x 10 cm)


X-Large: 0.53 oz (15.0 g)
Large: 0.40 oz (11.4 g)
Medium: 0.29 oz (8.3 g)
Schmedium: 0.20 oz (5.8 g)
Small: 0.16 oz (4.4 g)
Mini: 0.11 oz (3.1 g)