For stuff sacks, stuff sack kits, and items in the 'specials' section:

We do our best to get these items out within a few days, but to be safe, please allow up to one week for these items to ship. If you order accessories with another item such as a shelter, we'll wait to ship until your complete order is ready.

For backpacks, shelters, tarps, and net-tents:

•Orders placed on or after 8/21: Expect your order to ship within 11 weeks.

•Orders placed 7/7 t 8/20: Expect your order to ship within 9 to 10 weeks.

•Orders placed 5/18 to 7/6: Expect your order to ship within 9 to 12 weeks weeks.

These lead times are our best estimates and we do our best to meet or exceed them. If you have a trip coming up and need your shelter by a certain date that is near the expected ship date, please let us know by leaving a comment during checkout. Or, if you will be away and do not want us to ship early, please also let us know.