Pogies (Rain Mitt)

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YAMA LABS - Pogies

A new take on rain mitts


These simple hand coverings will help keep the cold bite of the wind and rain off your hands while allowing easy access to your trekking poles or shoelaces. Perfect for pairing with a light glove for springtime showers.

If you've used rain mitts before, you've likely found that your hands eventually get wet from a soaking rain or from condensation. Keeping your hands perfectly dry is not the intention of our Pogies. Instead, they offer a simple, lightweight solution to prevent heat loss from fresh rain wicking away your body heat. The open bottoms keep clamminess down in warmer weather. They'll still do a good job of blocking wind, though. In fact, we often find ourselves using them solely as wind mitts on those brisk days. The open bottoms also allow you to easily use your trekking poles or to quickly expose your hands for more intricate tasks like getting that snack out of its package!

To use, put your hand through the cinched opening. Pull the one-handed chinch with your other hand to secure the opening around your wrist. Your trekking pole handle slips through the other opening. To expose your hands temporarily, pull the opening back over your hand.

Seam Sealing: We do not find that pogies need to be seam sealed.

Lead Time

Pogies typically ship out in 1 - 2 business days, however, if you order with another item, such as a shelter, we'll wait to ship until your complete order is ready.


The Pogies are made from 20D, 1.1 oz SilPoly.

Size & Weight

Pogies are made to have a loose fit. Choose the size that you'd normally wear for gloves. If you're unsure, go with the smaller size.

Small/Medium: 0.9 oz
Medium/Large: 1.0 oz