Pole set for 1P Shelters

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Tent poles for 1P Shelters

3.1 oz | 88 g

Don't use trekking poles? No problem! These lightweight, Easton Nanolite aluminum tent poles will get the job done.

Compatible with

  • 1P Cirriform DW
  • 1P Cirriform SW
  • 1P Cirriform Tarp
  • 1P Bug Shelter


While people have a lot of success using these poles, we don't feel that they are the ideal support method. Here are some things to consider:

  • It will be more difficult to adjust the pitch height at the head end of the shelter. You can make some adjustment by flexing the pole.
  • Due to the flexibility of the poles, your pitch may be a little less wind-stable, though perfectly fine for all but the most intense locations.
  • The bottom of your poles will be more prone to sink into soft ground. You may want to place a small rock or other item under the bottom of the pole.


Front Pole
Length: 44" (112 cm)
Weight: 1.8 oz (51 g)
Rear Pole
Length: 31" (79 cm)
Weight: 1.3 oz (37 g)