Rain Skirt

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Don't let a little rain wet you down.

Total weight: 2.8 - 3.4 oz | 79 - 96 g

Our Rain Skirt is more than just a simple rain wrap or rain kilt. The "A-line" cut is fitted at the hips and widens towards the bottom. This means less bunched up fabric at the top and less loose fabric to blow around or impact your mobility.

Using the skirt is easy. Just fasten the two velcro tabs at the top, then pull the one-handed cinch to adjust around your waist. The velcro tab at the bottom should fall into place, or you can position it as needed.

  • Fitted shape eliminates unwieldy fabric bunching.
  • Hidden pocket is easily accessible while wearing the skirt.
  • Less water absorption & retention than nylon
  • Design does not restrict stride, even in more technical terrain
  • Handcrafted by hikers for hikers!

Seam Sealing: We do not find that the seams need to be sealed on the skirts.

Note: We do not offer our rain skirt in Cuben Fiber / Dyneema. Cuben innately doesn’t want to drape; pack it up in a ball and it will stay a ball. When you put on a Cuben skirt, it won’t want to fall in place. You’ll need to work the fabric to get it to the right place and it just won’t move well well with the body. It will also be more abrasive at the waist if it gets up against your skin. For those reasons, we only offer our skirt in the materials we find provide the best function and comfort.

Lead Time

This item usually ships out within 2 - 3 business days.

-20D Ripstop Polyester (1.1 oz/yd2 before coating)
-Silicone coated
Small/Med Waist: 27" - 36" (69 - 92 cm)
Small/Med. Length: ~27" (~69 cm)
Med./Large Waist: 34" - 42" (86 - 107 cm)
Med./Large Length: ~30" (~74 cm)
Small/Med.: 2.9 oz (79 g)
Med./Large: 3.4 oz (96 g)