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Designed for Movement

The Sassafras is designed for activities demanding stability and freedom of movement.  It syncs with your motions to comfortably and predictably stick to your body while the tapered profile keeps the pack out of the way.  Storage options up front provide on-the-go access.  Every pack is hand built to your size in our small workshop in Virginia.


  • Even compression from about 25 L to 6 L for a variety of loads and activities
  • Running vest inspired shoulder straps provide comfort and stability
  • Dual sternum straps provide adjustable securement of shoulder straps
  • Bottom of shoulder straps stretch horizontally to react to breathing and changes in your ribcage. See a video
  • Shoulder strap pockets expand to hold a variety of items and accomodate water bottles up to 2.75" in diameter.
  • Stretchy mesh upper pockets on shoulder straps provide quick access to gels and other small items
  • Load stabilizers let you tweak weight distribution on the fly
  • Zippered back sleeve accommodates hydration bladders and keeps other items closer to your back
  • Zippered side pocket provides a secure place store keys and wallet
  • Removable hipbelt to adjust to your varying activities
  • Sturdy, X-pac fabric for a highly water resistant pack body

Split personalities

We like to mix up what we do outside. A great weekend for us might mean backpacking to camp on Friday night, then spending Saturday trail running out from camp to work up our appetites. For the runs, we just cinch the Sassafras flat to use it as a hydration pack. We use the zippered sleeve in the back panel for a hydration bladder or to store a jacket closer up against the back. Click here to see a video.


To get you the best fit, we ask you to provide us with three measurements: your torso length, chest, and natural waist. We'll select the best combination of straps, pack body and hip belt, and position them specifically for your body. Learn how to take measurements for the Sassafras here.

Note: For torsos over 22", we add a few extra inches of height to the pack which will increase volume slightly.

Lead Time

Please see our Lead Time page to see how long it will take to receive your pack.


Pack Body: VX-07 X-pac
Pockets: Schoeller Dynamic
For colors, see the last two pictures
Body (typical): 20 Liters (1220 cu in)
Body (max.): 25+ Liters (1525+ cu in)
Body (min.): 6 Liters (366 cu in)
Pockets: Variable
Maximum load: ~25 lbs
Pack Body: ~17.9 - 20.1 oz (507 - 570g)
Hip Belt: ~3.4 - 3.7 oz (96 - 105g)
Total weight: 21.3 - 23.5 oz (604 - 666g)
Variation is due to custom sizing.

YAMA Labs Testers' comments & feedback

"Honestly after first trying on the pack and playing with it a bit I started to think about how it will allow me to hike and run differently and how it would expand my capabilities. It seems to be a category buster that has me thinking differently which I really appreciate. I've been looking for a 15-20ish liter running vest for light overnight loads but more of that "traditional" running vest style. This seems like it will do that AND be an awesome bag for 3-5 day trips. Seems like the first true fastpacking pack I've seen (to be fair though I haven't seen some of the others marketed for this purpose). Pretty excited."

"it's already by far the most comfortable pack I've ever used"

"Everything lines up nicely! I found very quickly that the tapered form of the body requires a lot less thought in how you pack it, distributing the weight evenly and in the right places with little effort."

"The fit is great! I have ran with my base weight with very minimal bouncing and total comfort. I like that I have full range of motion backwards with my arms without hitting the pack. It has been comfortable hiking, biking, climbing, running, and everyday use."

"It's turning into my favorite 'do all' everyday pack."