GOAL: Create a highly protective and versatile shelter that provides a high level of livability (space and convenience).


The Swifline takes its overall form from a wind-shedding, dual pyramid shape. The offset pole placement moves the pole out of the way of the entrance, opens up headroom, and creates a steeper rise in the fabric near the head to keep fabric away from your face while lying down. The main area of the vestibule is off to the side so you don’t need to crawl over gear to get in and out.


Initial conceptual designs came to life in the summer of 2011, following conversations with AT thru-hikers during their hikes. We began testing our first prototypes in 2014. The initial designs performed well, but we felt we could do better and went back to the drawing board. Early renditions of the current design went out for field testing on the PCT in the spring of 2015. We tested both double wall and hybrid (one-piece) designs and found the hybrid design to be preferable. Further testing was completed on thru-hikes of the PCT, CDT and CT during 2016.


We are ready for production! The Swiftline will be available as soon as we finish putting together the pitching instructions.


This shelter is entering production. There may be a few ongoing testing opportunities in the future, but none are available at this time.

Preliminary Specs

Packaged weight: 26.5 oz
Floor length: 7'-6"
Packaged weight: 26.5 oz
Floor width: 30"
Height at peaks: 45"


Dual Pyramid based design provides a strong, stable, wind-shedding structure Offset pole positioning creates lots of headroom and eliminates close proximity of shelter walls to the head and feet while lying down. Large vestibule is out of the way of the entrance
Versatile, hybrid design allows for a net-tent like experience in good weather and ability to adjust ventilation. Flaps on non-entry side provide easy access to pole and allow for varying levels of ventilation, even in bad weather.

Pitching Process Preview

A few small tweaks have simplified the way the shelter pitches since this video was recorded, but take a look to get a better feel for how this shelter works. With good soil for stakes, we're able to pitch this shelter in under 2 minutes.